Entrepreneurs: Smart Startup for Stupid Users

Entrepreneurs: Smart Startup for Stupid Users

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/heritageamerica/7362343018/Have you heard about a very smart startup called Developer Auction?

Developer Auction, which allows companies to bid for the services of high-performance software engineers. It’s a disruptive idea because the San Francisco-based company makes it easier for companies to find workers, which in turn get more money for their services.

It generates revenue by taking 15% of the negotiated salary and then kicks back 20% of that to the candidate.

I’m sure it will make a lot of money, at least in the short-term considering the current hot market.

It also is the absolute stupidest hiring move companies can make, not that that will stop them.

I can think of no better way to find developers to whom money is everything and product passion and loyalty are words in the dictionary.

Not to mention the effect on the current team, company culture and internal salary structure.

But it does offer the wow factor of cutting-edge bragging rights and the fanfare will probably camouflage the hiring manager’s lack of staffing skills.

Rather than address the stupidity again, I refer you to three posts I wrote early last year, insanely stupid hiring, insanely smart hiring and insanely smart retention and stars that thoroughly cover the subject.

Take time to read them and feel free to call or email me (contact info on the right) if you need any assistance at no charge—I never charge for doing good deeds.

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