Entrepreneurs: Shift in Thinking

Entrepreneurs: Shift in Thinking

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Welcome to Unreasonable at Sea, a four-month-voyage that aimed to combine the shipboard campus of Semester at Sea with the entrepreneurial zeal of globalized markets and the do-gooder communal spirit of a hackathon. (Read the article here)

The event, while interesting, isn’t what caught my eye; what did hit me was this remark from an attendee.

Wade Colburn, a college junior from California majoring in biomedical engineering, wasn’t one of them, but he joined this Semester at Sea program mainly because of Unreasonable. “You can do something that’s for, like, the better of the world and still make a profit,” he said. “That was a huge shift in my thinking.”

How sad is that?

Think about it; roughly 20 years old with a medically oriented major and a mindset that was completely focused on profit.

It makes you wonder how he was raised and what values he brings to the table.

One can only hope that the “huge shift in thinking” is permanent and that he shares it with his friends.

What’s your thinking?

Does it also need to shift?

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