Entrepreneurs: More On Viral

Entrepreneurs: More On Viral

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Going viral is every marketer’s goal, especially entrepreneurs with a new product/service/experience that needs to rise above the noise in order to be noticed.

Going viral requires some luck, as do most successes, even if it’s the serendipitous kind (right time/right place), but it’s mostly method, as discussed previously.

Research by Thales S. Teixeira, an assistant professor in marketing at HBS, identified “four key steps: attracting viewers’ attention, retaining that attention, getting viewers to share the ad with others, and persuading viewers.”

“The challenge lies in getting the best mix of all four ingredients and baking them into your ad.”

Read the article if you’re planning any kind of video/social media campaign; Teixeira’s insights and explanations will give you a much better shot at that success.

One of the problems is that entrepreneurs are so enamored with their products that they want to tell the world about it, so the world will love it, too.

But in a time of instant information availability and short attention spans, the world doesn’t care much about your product—it wants first and foremost to be entertained.

The research shows that if sharing an ad will somehow benefit the sender as much as it helps the advertiser, then the ad might go viral.

Things that tickle your funny-bone or touch your heart are always shared faster and longer than product facts.

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