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Enterprise-Wide Employee Advocacy is a Natural Outcome of Social Business – Podcast Ep. 123

Enterprise-Wide Employee Advocacy is a Natural Outcome of Social Business

Today I’m sharing an interview I did with Marylin Montoya of Sociabble. Sociabble, one of the sponsors of the 2015 Social Tools Summits, is an employee advocacy platform that uses content marketing and social media networks to connect relevant content to employees in order to showcase their company’s brand. Marylin is sharing her insider perspective and offering valuable information and advice based on lots of experience helping large clients plan and implement employee advocacy programs. Listen in to hear her talk about the value of employee advocacy, why your employees are your best assets, and why enterprise-wide employee advocacy is a natural progression of social business.

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In This Episode:

  • Employee advocacy is providing content in a meaningful way that allows employees to discover what’s going on at and within the company
  • One of the main reasons to do employee advocacy is to simply amplify the message of the brand through the voice of the employees
  • It allows the employees to engage in personal branding with social networks: developing thought leadership through the content that the company provides and have the employees understand what it means to build a brand
  • Why your employees are your best assets: they understand your company, your brand, they engage with prospective clients
  • Why companies have to be on social media, and how employee advocacy is a natural evolution of that
  • The value of having your sales team engaging with prospective clients, and then expanding that to employees on other teams
  • Why you have to address the risk of having employees active on social media and give them some guidelines
  • Most employees want to show people what they’re up to and what they’re working on, from big projects to the day to day
  • Employee advocacy can allow them to be an expert in their field and showcase themselves
  • Companies tend to start out on social media with people being interested in amplification, paid media, numbers, clicks, and traffic, but you see a shift once they start using employee advocacy towards thought leadership and being that kind of progressive
  • It’s important to remember that ROI comes in multiple forms: active engaged members, brand ambassadors, subsidiaries, etc.
  • How employee advocacy programs go from a one department operation to the whole company
  • How Sociabble does the pre-launch and support, and trains the company to use the program: who’s running the program, who’s creating content, how often, who’s monitoring the program, etc.
  • Once people see the feedback, they get really engaged
  • What kind of social media training Sociabble provides
  • The differences between social media in Europe vs. America
  • Employee advocacy is a large undertaking, and when you begin to think about implementing such a program, you need to partner up with an expert, and Sociabble is definitely one of those experts

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