Ensure Franchise Success with a Social LMS

Franchise LMSA company that offers franchise opportunities assumes huge responsibility when it puts procedures, protocols, tools, and a brand into the hands of eager entrepreneurs. This risk, however, can bring about great rewards. When a new franchise owner is equipped with an effective system, he or she is more likely to successfully replicate the original business model.

Setting up an organized operation structure requires many working parts come together. This is a persistent challenge for franchise-based businesses. While many corporations have all the information and tools to make this happen, they do not have effective systems that can unify and mobilize storefronts. Technology makes this simpler, but only when decision makers understand how systems can suit their unique needs.

A company that offers franchise opportunities needs to be accessible all the time. The corporation requires an organized database, training opportunities, franchisee services, and more. Rather than looking for online programs that support these disjointed efforts, companies use social learning management systems (LMSs) perfect for franchises.

A social LMS makes it possible to conduct large scale business operations from a single platform. This online workspace and training portal provides tools for consistent branding while ultimately reducing overhead costs.

Single Platform Operation

Setting up an online workspace that franchise owners can access any time, from anywhere, is as easy as acquiring a social LMS. With cloud-based technologies, software providers are able to offer customizable, multi-functional systems that users can log into on any device that has internet connection and a full web-browser. These platforms include everything from eLearning options to administration features, information sharing databases, and social media outlets. In addition, choosing a social LMS that is customizable allows for a company to ensure a strong sense of branding.

Consistent Branding

Maintaining consistent branding is important for all businesses – especially franchises. Utilizing a social LMS ensures franchise owners are often reminded of the company’s values. Better yet, this platform makes it easy to communicate with all users at one time or individually. For branding purposes, being able to post company updates and broadcast important memos it vital.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Providing these resources to multiple franchise owners can be expensive. The saying, “it takes money to make money,” is true for these types of businesses. Depending on the number of franchise operations that exist, the cost of informing, training, and offering services can be exorbitant. This can only be avoided when the system is available for a low, fixed rate.

TOPYX® social LMS is a dream come true for franchise-based companies. TOPYX hosts online workplaces, communication centers, training portals, eCommerce capabilities, and more. Regardless of how many users are signed up to access the fully customizable system, TOPYX rates remain the same. There are no additional costs per user. Request a free demo of this social LMS.

Protect the business model that built a successful brand by equipping all franchise owners with the tools they need to thrive.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
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