Engaging Zingers #6: Stop Trying to Be Great — Be Good!

Career Zinger: Doing good work is the pathway to career success.

Ed Sheeran had the biggest hit song of 2017: Shape of You.

Bernadette Jiwa, in writing about 12 lessons derived from the biggest hit of the year stated:

You have to put yourself into the situations that give you the best chance of doing great work.”

The best situation I know to give yourself a chance for great work is to continually strive to do good work. For three years I have been adamant in defining work and employee engagement as: “good work done well with others every day.” If you do good work every day, once in a while the situation may arise that you will stumble into great work.

David Zinger is an expert on employee engagement with a keen focus on career engagement for 2018.

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