Engage, Equip and Empower New Hires through eLearning

Engage New Hires eLearningNew hires can be high risk investments. Here’s why: if the person does not work out, the company loses money and needs to start the hiring process over again. On the other hand, if the new hire sticks around, he or she can deliver the ultimate return to a company by being a loyal, hardworking employee.

For a company that wants to increase the chances of making successful investments, it is wise to engage, equip and empower new hires. This plan is best executed when social outlets and training are provided. Social learning management systems offer employers the best options for engaging, equipping and empowering new hires by supplying state-of-the-art training features and social media communication functions.

Explore the benefits of social learning by understanding how merging social outlets with training endeavors can pique a new hire’s interest and raise chances that he or she will become a long-term employee.

How Do People Learn Using Social Outlets?

If there was ever a great divide between people and technology, it has been abolished. Nearly 80 percent of people in North America use the Internet. Many of them use the Internet to communicate with other people. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are transforming how people connect. Ultimately, people communicate with each other online by posting status updates, sharing blogs, publishing interesting facts and figures, showing pictures, and reposting online articles and resources. More so, this is how people learn from one another. Making these communication outlets available in the workplace not only ensures employees will communicate but also increases the likeliness they will learn from one another.

The Importance of Incorporating Formal Training Too

But no business relies of informal education alone. Formal training practices also need to be put in place. With a learning management system, it is possible to have training sessions take place in the same location as informal communication. This merges the worlds of social communication and formal learning. Ultimately, this encourages new hires to engage with a workplace LMS, which can equip and empower them to become great, dedicated employees.

Businesses that want to incorporate social learning can begin by finding the right LMS to fit their needs. TOPYX® is an award winning social LMS that brings employees together for the purposes of learning and socializing. It is an easy-to-use system that new hires embrace and seasoned employees return to again and again. Request a free demo of TOPYX to see how it is the best investment a company can make.

New hires may pose risks to their employers but they also have the potential to deliver great returns. Employers can decrease their risk by ensuring a new hire is properly engaged, equipped and empowered. From this investment, a new hire can grow into a loyal employee.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
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