Engage 2019: Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work

Do you know how to fully engage with your work so that both you and others fully experience all the benefits of your labor?

In 2019, I am devoted to helping educate others to get more into their work to get more out of their work. If you or your organization would like to learn more to fully engage please take the next moment to contact me: [email protected]. We can discuss possibilities around coaching, keynotes, workshops, or internal consulting.

Engage along with me, our best is yet to be.

Good work requires more than sheer effort, it requires knowledge and skills. It require an acuity to the moment and recognizing each moment invites us to engage with the work in front of us. It means embedding our moments within a bigger story as we string or stack moments for a momentous career.

I decided to make a video to sum up my 25,000 hours devoted to work engagement, personal engagement, leadership engagement, and employee engagement.

Below is my 23 minute 56 second video that was done in just one-take to share with you the future of engagement in 2019 and what I believe about the power of moments in igniting, enhancing, and build work engagement.

Below you will find the key points from the video.

If you prefer a wonderful and colorful PDF document containing these key points, click here.

The Portara

Here are the key points from Engage the Moment:

  • The
    secret: We are looking in the wrong place to improve employee engagement.
  • Engagement
    is to be found in the moment and moments are the fundamental building blocks of
  • There
    is no stress in the present moment.
  • When
    we fully engage, we are also enhancing our wellbeing and lowering our stress.
  • Ask
    yourself this great time management question: What is the best use of my time
    right now?
  • Drivers
    and levers are poor fit concepts to explain a personal responsibility for
    engagement approach.
  • Engagement
    is an invitation.
  • Engagement
    can be defined in 8 simple words: good work done well with others every day.
  • Trying
    to achieve and proclaim Great Work often isn’t so great.
  • The
    way to achieve great work is to do good work every day.
  • Good
    work can literally make us well.
  • We
    are responsible for engagement while we influence others’ engagement.
  • Some
    of us are more engaged with our smart phones than the tasks and relationships
    right in front of us.
  • Can
    you treat engagement as well as you treat your smart phone?
  • Do
    you charge both your smart phone and yourself up every night?
  • An
    excellent engagement trigger is after you use your phone to ask yourself: What
    can I do right now to improve engagement for myself of someone else in the
  • Engagement
    is not about PowerPoints and survey results it is about actions and
    interactions. There is no way to engagement, to engage is the way.
  • Four
    focuses for engagement are ABCD: Achieve results | Build relationships | Cultivate
    wellbeing | Develop career
  • Attach
    your moments and small actions to the bigger story or strategy of your
  • Add
    spice to moments so that you focus on results: keep asking yourself and others
    “what you want, what you really, really want.”
  • Engagement
    is not an extra it is the core of work.
  • Prevent
    iatrogenic disengagement – our attempts to engage employees that instead end up
    disengaging employees.
  • Anonymity
    can be a killer of engagement yet we rely on anonymous surveys.
  • Disengagement
    should not be a punishable offence it should trigger dialogue, conversation, and
    connection or re-connection.
  • Engagement
    is the diamond in the heart of work and wellbeing
  • Engagement
    is not something we do to people or for people it is something we do with
  • To
    get everyone on the same page, follow the Positive Deviancy dictum: never do anything about me without me.
  • Determine
    your Engagement Zone or E-zone: How long can you stay engaged.
  • David’s
    fine-tuned E-zone if eleven minutes and eleven seconds.
  • David
    offers 3 suggestions on how to determine the length and efficacy of your
    personal E-zone.
  • We
    have 20,000 possible moments every day.
  • When
    will you turn engagement around? How about the next moment?
  • Recognize
    or support someone else at work right now.
  • Study
    the academic focus on work engagement by Arnold Bakker and others to infuse
    work with vigor, absorption, and dedication.
  • Learn
    why snakes and ladders is such a vital metaphor for engagement at work.
  • A
    powerful leadership question to ask in many situations: What stood out for you?
  • Prevent
    and manage setbacks — can you make a ladder out of snakes?
  • Study
    John Gottman’s relationship moments composed of bids and turns.
  • Bids
    and turns are very predictive of engagement and relationships.
  • Make
    lots of bids and keep turning towards others.
  • Engagement
    thrives on strong relationships, good friends, and effective connections.
  • High
    quality connections occurring in the moments of time between people is a huge
    source of personal and organizational energy.
  • There
    is no secret in engagement. The real requirement is to step up to, and into,
    the moment of engagement.
  • Mindfulness
    is related to personal engagement.
  • Authentic,
    powerful, personal engagement is only a moment away.
  • What
    are you going to do in the next moment?
  • Keep
    on asking: what can I do right now to improve engagement for myself or someone
    else in our organization? Turn your answer into an action or interaction that
    contributes to achieving results, building relationships, cultivating career,
    and developing career.

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