Encourage Self-Motivated Learning with the Right LMS

Self-Motivated Learning LMSDo you know the secret to a successful training program? A training program has its greatest chances of being successful when employees find it easy to independently pursue their career learning paths.

The world of online communication and social media naturally encourages employees to be self-motivated learners. When employers have the right tools in place, employees are inclined to advance their careers by continuing to educate themselves.

Companies look to comprehensive, low maintenance programs to fulfill these needs and establish a platform that can connect an entire workforce and encourage self-motivated learning.

Qualities of an Effective Platform

A social learning management system (LMS) is a platform that companies use to introduce successful training programs. They combine eLearning, social communication, and management reporting. The result of this equation is self-motivated learning with measurable results.

However, not all learning management systems are made equal. Qualities that make a social LMS interactive include:

  • The ability to set up personal profiles that give employees opportunities to engage with others and receive recognition for their learning paths.
  • A structure that allows people to communicate and collaborate in an effective manner.
  • A system that can keep track of employee career milestones, workplace accomplishments, and learning path successes.
  • Easy-to-use online spaces where employees go to learn, teach, explore, and work.
  • Reporting tools that allow employees to see how well they are progressing on their learning paths and how their progress compares to their peers.
  • Programs that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.
  • Simple design, intuitive framework, and learner support.

One of the best traits an eLearning training platform has is that it appeals to company executives and administrators too. A hosted LMS is easy to implement, requires little maintenance, and can often be highly customizable. Plus, easy-to-use frameworks mean that administrators can oversee employee training efforts when it is necessary.

An effective platform that companies use to connect their workforces and train employees is TOPYX®. The award winning social learning management system makes it possible for employees to drive their own training programs. With a user-friendly interface that was created with both learners and administrators in mind, TOPYX is being exposed as the secret to successful training. Request a free demo of TOPYX.

Now that the secret it out, is there any obstacle in the way of you setting up a training platform that encourages self-motivated learning?

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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