Employees Creating the Social and Sustainable Organization

Came across this interesting interview of Judah Schiller on Sustainability: Make It Personal | Sustainable Life Media

SLM: More companies seem to be putting employees at the center of their green marketing efforts as well. For example, Anheuser Busch is airing new commercials that feature employees discussing the company’s environmental programs. Coke’s chief marketing officer recently called employees the company’s “green ambassadors.” Is this the beginning of a trend?

Judah: A brand can stand for a lot of things. Having a culture of sustainability – one that’s based on an organization of people who are actively tied into creating a sustainable company and a sustainable brand – speaks very loudly and shows a deep commitment. What could be better for a brand than being backed by five or ten thousand people who are genuinely working both for their own personal interests and for the organization and its attempts to be a better corporate citizen.

I see a fundamental difference between the companies that are instituting high-level sustainability programs and the companies that have culture-building engagement programs designed to incorporate sustainability at all levels of the operation. The companies that create a culture of sustainability are equipped to demonstrate their sincerity and authenticity to the consumer by really unpacking the brand throughout the product lifecycle. There’s already a sea of eco-labeling going on. Being able to tell a more robust sustainability story is going to be essential.

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