Employee Recognition Strategy

Do your staff members work on teams or individually? Do they work mostly in the office or remotely? Identifying the unique needs of your staff
is crucial in formulating a plan to reward them for their efforts and
motivate them to perform at higher levels. Reward your teams with a
congratulatory email circulated company-wide or a special recognition at
a staff meeting. Single out an individual each month and treat them to
lunch with higher-ups in the company as a thank you for a job well done.
There really is no wrong way to thank your employees. The key is to
identify their individual needs and thank them openly and often.

Make Employee Rewards Consistent

Rewarding your employees on a consistent basis is the key to keeping
their motivation levels high. Knowing that there is an opportunity for
recognition will keep their morale high month after month. In addition
to thanking them, provide them with token symbols of appreciation such
as movie tickets, a freebie day off or a special luncheon. In addition
to rewarding individuals, you can institute company-wide rewards for
overall performance. These rewards include incentives like a free coffee
maker for the break room, company party or new office chairs for the
staff. As long as there are consistent rewards for your staff, they will
continue to work hard to ensure the success of the company.

Include Everyone

Every team member in your company counts, from the highest executive
to the temporary clerical staff. Every person has a role to play, and
their work adds to the success of the company. When rewarding your
staff, do not forget to include your cleaning crew, temporary office
workers, administrative staff and other support staff. Remember that
many employees earn small salaries and gain their greatest incentive
from encouragement, recognition and other non-monetary forms of

When planning your company’s recognition programs, take their needs
into account, thank them openly and often and don’t forget the little
guys. Your happy employees will give you a great return on your

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