Employee Engagement: Why Good Work is so Important in Emergencies

Strong Employee Engagement Equation = Small steps + Good work.

Strong Employee Engagement

Alan Kearns at Career Joy wrote a wonderful piece about Captain Jim Andrews who was the first emergency reponder on the scene at the terrible crash between the train and the bus in Ottawa.

Listening to the arrival of Jim at the scene Alan said: Jim arrived in a calm state of mind, with a well trained skill-set, honed by 25 years of experience. He took charge in a compassionate and professional manner. This was a day where everything he had done in the past came together to assist him in the present. 

We could talk about Jim being a hero. We could talk about Jim’s greatness yet Alan talks about good work. I love how Alan brought Jim’s work down-to-earth without the need to use terms like great, exceptional, or heroic. Alan goes on to say:

Here’s to the Jim Andrews of this world. The good professionals that are prepared, well trained, committed to growing, doing their best, shining their boots every morning to make a difference in this world; even under the most challenging circumstances.

Thank you Alan. You gave us a short story of Jim that demonstrated the key principle and practice of good engagement:

(Gumption. Engagement is built with the grit, gumption,

and caring of good work done well, with others, every day.)

You can read Alan’s full post here.

David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker and Expert

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert who believes we need to approach work and engagement with small, simple, strong, significant and sustainable actions.

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