Employee Engagement: What are your intentions for 2011?

What’s Up for 2011?

From leading thinkers to a  Zinger. I was inspired to write this based on the recent work by the Harvard Business Review asking leading thinkers what they planned to work on in 2011. I trust this will also inspire you to declare what you intend to work on in 2011 and feel free to write your intention in the comment section.


  • Herminia Ibarra 2011. Can we provide hard evidence of the benefits of “soft” leadership?
  • Vijay Govindarajan 2011: I intend to start something big by thinking small. I want to help create a $300 house.
  • Thomas H. Davenport 2011: The imperative in the modern era is to develop judgment at the organizational level.
  • Tim Brown 2011: I’m thinking about the notion of strategic resilience. In the face of growing unpredictability.
  • Bob Sutton 2011: Provide useful principles for managers and entrepreneurs who wants to scale constructive behavior.
  • Clay Shirky 2011: Conversation can be incredibly valuable where it works well and terrible where it works badly.
  • Michael E. Porter 2011: Health care costs can be substantially reduced without sacrificing patient outcomes.
  • Charlene Li 2011: How should an enterprise go about creating a coherent strategy that incorporates being social?
  • Dan Ariely 2011: I will examine whether “more natural” leads to more compliance.
  • Daniel Pink 2011: What can we do to create more room for noncommissioned work in our organizations?

3 Word Theme. Last month I developed a 3 word theme for 2011: Engage – Educate – Enliven. This is my third year with a 3 word theme and I have found it most helpful to focus my work. My efforts in 2011 will be aligned with this theme.

Mobilizing the engagement community. I want to build, strengthen, and mobilize the employee engagement network as the source and resource to foster a 20% global increase in employee engagement by 2020.  This work will not be contained within the community but the community, as I see it, will be the springboard for inspiration, practices, monitoring, and applications. We have 10 years so I am patient in how we proceed while always ensuring we are moving forward.

Educate. I plan to design and build specific education resources on engagement. Leaders, managers, and all employees need skills, tools, tactics, and approaches to enhance their own engagement and to contribute to the engagement of the organization.  This work will consist of both online and e-book resources and in-person delivery of speeches and workshops. I plan to host fast and informative webinars with the leading engagement thinkers, to publish at least two books relating to employee engagement, and to create short educational e-books on education that will use a minimum of reader’s time to get the maximum result.

Hive talking. I plan to go back into honey bee hives this summer. Last year I placed office objects in the hive and this year I intend to run a pilot with a few networked computers that will be operational for a day, then transformed into a sculpture after that. I think there is much to be learned from this project to enhance communities and social networks focused on employee engagement.

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