Employee Engagement: The Tell Tale Signs (Poem)

Two roads diverged…

2 roads diverge

Flickr Creative Commons Photo Credit: Two Roads Diverge.

Let me tell you a tale

about the disengaged.

A tell tale sign is

you are told not asked,

you are fringed not foreground,

work is an energy drain,

not an energy gain,

you would rather be anywhere else,

yet you seem stuck in place.

And you have to stay

because of

the pension

the economy

the fear

the benefits

or just the plain inertia of it all.

It is time to tell a different tale

where you are connected

in the foreground

gaining energy

and making contributions.

If that tale cannot be told

get your tail out of there

you only have so many days to work

and when you work in the those days

and those days work for you

it makes all difference.

by David Zinger

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