Employee Engagement: Take One Small People Artist Step Right Now

Draw out the best in someone before we reach August.

Peter W. HartPeople Artists Draw Out the Best in Others

People Artists draw out the best in others. I think sometimes we can make this too big, too complex, and too unwieldy. I am writing this at 8:47 AM on the last day of July. If you read this before August hits I encourage you to engage in one small action to bring out the best in another person at work.

Be an ARTIST. Don’t follow a script. Don’t paint by numbers. Just say something or do something that you think can bring out the best in another person and see what happens.

For my friends and readers in London, Singapore, Pune, and other great locations around the world, you might not read this until August but I won’t let you off of the hook, I challenge you to do this in the first hour you get back to work in August (By the way, I would love to hear what you did and what the impact was on both the other person at work and yourself).

If you are interested in purchasing People Artists as soon as it is published (before the official launch) email me ([email protected]) and I will put you on the growing list.

David Zinger is an employee engagement expert and speaker. Peter W. Hart and David Zinger wrote People Artists: Bringing Out the Best In Others at Work. The book will be launched in October but you can start now and learn a whole lot in October when the book is formally released.

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