Employee Engagement: Strengths and Relationships

Employee Engagement: Strengths and Relationships

The pyramid of employee engagement is a 10 block model of employee engagement. Here is a link to a 50 page booklet on the pyramid.

After completing the strengths inventory, Strengthscope, from Strengths Partnership in the UK,  I embarked on a systematic application of my 7 significant strengths to each of the 10 blocks of the pyramid. This will make my engagement work more robust while also enhancing personal wellbeing through the application of strengths in the service of others.

Adding strengths to relationships and relationships to strengths

Powerful employee engagement is bi-directional. What I mean by this is that we need to engage with our strengths while our strengths also engage us. I believe successful organizations achieve results while building relationships and that we never sacrifice one at the cost of the other.

Using strengths and relationships to go both directions at once:

  1. Developing others and self-improvement are two of my strengths and they directly connect to relationships. For example, I have had the good fortune to have a number of mentors in my career and even at the age of 58 have a mentor (Thank you Peter Dyck). In return I have mentored some younger career professionals and I expect that this will increase as my way of saying thank you to all those who mentored me. Mentoring has contributed to my self improvement and also developed others. As a mentor, even with my focus on the other, I find that I have also had my own development enriched.
  2. Leadership ceases to exist without relationships. Need I say more?
  3. Creativity is enhance through relationship. John Junson, my designer and partner on projects, and I have developed very creative approaches to work and our books on work. Do you know anyone else who combined poems and cartoons in a book to take a bite out of work? The symbols you see in this post would not be possible without the creativity and contribution of John Junson and I know he would say our conversations have helped him develop some of the weekly cartoons he offers on the Employee Engagement Network.
  4. My relationships are enhanced through my strength of flexibility. I had the good fortune to work with Keith Johnstone, a world master of improvisation, for a week in Calgary a few summers ago and I learned about the key of flexibility in improvisation and how flexible we must be in powerful partnerships.  I do not improvise on the stage but I certainly demonstrate high degrees of flexibility in my relationships.
  5. Enthusiasm is better shared. When I am around genuinely enthusiastic people I feel more enthusiasm and I know my enthusiasm can be contagious when I am teaching and speaking. I have a gentle enthusiasm that comes from the inside out and makes a huge difference in the emotions I experience while working.
  6. Empathy is the foundation of relationships. I spent 25 years of my life in counselling psychology either being empathetic with clients or teaching my students the approach and skills of empathy. Empathy is the strong glue between people and being understood can change a person’s life. Empathy can eliminate all the distance between us and take relationships to places we never imagined.
A few years ago I revised the pithy statement of If it is to be it is up to me to If it is to be it is up to we! Engagement is better together and everyone benefits when we bring out strengths to engaged relationships.
There are 10 posts in this series. To learn more, take the strengthscope yourself, and to be interactive on strengths and engagement plan to attend an educational workshop in London on the importance of strengths for innovation and excellence with a fusion of the pyramid of employee engagement. Here is the information about the workshop followed by an outline of strengths applied to performance mastery.

London Workshop on Strength Based Approaches to Leadership

Plan to attend the London UK Strength and Engagement Workshop Wednesday November 28 from 13:00 to 18:00.  I invite you to attend an afternoon workshop sponsored by Strengths Partnership on The Leaders Role in Optimising Strengths and Engagement to Achieve Innovation and Excellence. I will be presenting/facilitating on the Pyramid of Employee Engagement and Michael Farry, HR Director for PhotoBox, will also be presenting on how to build a culture of positive leadership, collaboration and innovation through a systematic, practical and integrated change and development programme.

For a modest fee of £75 plus VAT, you will receive:

  •  Entrance to the conference and networking over drinks after the event
  •  An opportunity to take the Strengthscope360™ profiler and receive feedback
  •  A free leadership book entitled “Stretch – Leading Beyond Boundaries”
  •  Delegate pack containing proven and practical tools to help optimise workforce strengths and engagement at the individual, team and organisational levels
  •  An invitation to join the Strengths HR Forum (over 1,300 members) and the Employee Engagement Network (over 5,000 members)

To register click here.

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David Zinger is an employee engagement expert. He will be in the UK in late November to support the Go Live event for the UK Employee Engagement Task Force and to co-lead an afternoon workshop on the fusion of employee engagement and strengths for innovation and excellence.

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