Employee Engagement: Say No to One More Meatball

Engaging the Meatball

Another meatball tossed

on our overflowing

spaghetti-like plate of work.

Before forking into our crowded strands of work

yet another

meatball is tossed on the pile

colliding with the meatball already there

precipitating an avalanche of meatballs

herding downwards

in all directions at once.

If work is to really nourish us

we must say no

even when we are told,

“It is just one more meatball.”

by David Zinger

Flickr Creative Commons Meatballs and Spaghetti

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David Zinger, M.Ed., is an employee engagement writer, educator, speaker, coach, and consultant. He offers exceptional contributions on employee engagement for leaders, managers, and employees. David founded and moderates the 2255 member Employee Engagement Network. His website offers 1000 posts/articles relating to employee engagement and strength based leadership. David is involved in the application of Enterprise 2.0 approaches to engagement and the precursor, creating engaging approaches to communication, collaboration, and community within Enterprise 2.0.

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