Employee Engagement: People Artists See Behind Their Own Lenses

How to Leap into People Artistry

Please take 3 minutes to view this short video about six photographers being given six different stories about the man they are asked to photograph. Their story influences the shot they take.

Are you any different?

As People Artists we don’t really see people as they are, we see them as they are in relationship to us and the stories we have about them inside our head.

Tomorrow’s Action Plan: When you arrive at work tomorrow, do your best to either wipe your slate clean, challenge the negative stories you have about another, or simply assume the best about each person you meet and do your best to draw out the best you see.

I trust with this exercise you will recognize that being a good People Artist is as much an inside job as an outward expression.

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People Artists is more than a book, it is a gift you give to others and a debt you repay to those who drew out the best in you.

This is a phenomenal value for this beautiful hardcover book full of images and insights to bring the people you work with fully to life! I think of this book as a powerful yet easy read for busy people — a picture book for adults, that helps you get the picture on engagement and recognition in your workplace.

You will learn lessons from 37 other People Artists and you will learn to apply the 5 tools of People Artistry in your own life and work.

People Artists makes a great gift or recognition tool to give to all your supervisors, managers, and leaders. Unleash art from gallery walls and infuse people artistry into your workplace to make work better for all.

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David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert. He is working at becoming a better People Artist each day.

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