Employee Engagement Metrics

What are some logical buckets of employee engagement metrics?

There have been extensive studies around the world around employee engagement. This research identifies four key buckets of employee engagement metrics.

Training professionals and leaders should have aligned goals around these four-bucket areas.

The first bucket is market metrics. Market metrics include things like customer loyalty, net promoter scores, industry rankings and other external measures.

The second bucket includes the traditional HR metrics. HR metrics include areas such as turn over, absenteeism, attendance and wellness.

The third bucket is the financial metric. These results range from higher sales per square foot, return on equity, greater gross profit, etc.

The fourth bucket is the operational metrics bucket. These metrics include areas like quality, velocity, productivity and safety.

When training professionals deliver the right learning that is reinforced over time enables employees to produce results in the four-bucket areas. When managers recognize and reward their work team members for completing the learning and the application of the skills it creates a positive engagement cycle.

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