Employee Engagement: Major Marshall Mojo

Mojo = Employee Engagement.

Are you ready for major Marshall Goldsmith Mojo?

Employee Engagement Happiness Symbol

Marshall’s Mojo. Are you working with Mojo and does your work give you Mojo? Marshall Goldsmith’s latest book is called Mojo. My mental image of Mojo is often something coming from a 7 foot 260 pound NBA player driving to the net so it is intriguing to watch the gentle but tenacious CEO coach with a Buddhist background, Marshall Goldsmith, focus on Mojo.

Mojo and Nojo. Here is a  diagram from one of Marshall Goldsmith’s Business Week posts last year:

Mojo nojo

Mojo defined.  Marshall Goldsmith explained Mojo in his latest newsletter:

My definition of Mojo spins off from the great value I attach to finding happiness and meaning in life.  Mojo plays a vital role in our pursuit of happiness and meaning because it is about achieving two simple goals: loving what you do and showing it.

These goals govern my operational definition:

Mojo is that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.

To attain Mojo, we must consider what we can start doing in order to achieve more meaning and happiness in our lives. That’s the payoff of having Mojo. More meaning. More happiness. It’s not just for organization al leaders; it’s for all of us, and it applies to all aspects of our lives because, as our research clearly documents, people with high Mojo at work tend to have high Mojo at home.

Video explanation of Mojo. Watch Marshall offer this 3 minute presentation:

If the video fails to load, click here.

5 Mojo questions:

  1. Do you have clarity on what gives you meaning?
  2. Do you have clarity on what contributes to your happiness?
  3. How are you doing at finding, creating, sustaining and engaging in Mojo endeavors.
  4. Are you tapping into your inner spirit that fuels your energy for employee engagement and also returns that energy back to you?
  5. What can you do right not to start and extend more Mojo moments?

Next step. Read Marshall’s Mojo book and find your Mojo.


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