Employee Engagement Legacy: The Great Wall of Saskatchewan

Just another stone in the wall?

Smiley, Saskatchewan. I have written about this before but for whatever reason the Great Wall of Saskatchewan came back to me today.  This is short 10 slide presentation on one man, 30 years, and a free standing stone wall built about 1 kilometer west of Smiley Saskatchewan. And if you don’t know where Smiley Saskatchewan is don’t feel bad as many people in Saskatchewan don’t know of it either.

Lunacy and legacy. Albert (Stonewall) Johnson built the wall on his farm and I spent a couple of hour there back in October of 2008. It seemed strange to see someone’s life work right in front of me. I was torn by the dialectic of lunacy and legacy. Being there was an emotional experience as I thought of all of our careers like building a stone wall but most of us cannot literally see what we did with all our years of work.

3 questions. I encourage you to view this very short 10 slide presentation and think about your own employee engagement:

  • Do you stick your head up from the “wall” you are building?
  • Do you why you are building the career you are building?
  • When your work is done what will you leave behind?

Remember: Keep your tenacity for work alive, leave a legacy behind.

If the slide share presentation fails to open in this window, click here.

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