Employee Engagement is Knot a Problem

Are you tied into employee engagement?


We are

tied up in knots

trying to work ourselves free.

R. D. Laing called it

knots tangles fankles impasses disjunctions whirligogs and binds.

We have pulled employee engagement

into frayed thinking

creating and contributing to being stuck with a problem we actually never had.

Flashback to 1969 and R. D. Laing’s Knots

to determine what can be tugged at

to loosen the employee engagement noose

chocking off real inspiration for connected engagement

He does not think there is anything the matter with him
one of the things that is
the matter with him
is that he does not think that there is anything
the matter with him
we have to help him realize that,
the fact that he does not think there is anything
the matter with him
is one of the things that is
the matter with him.

Flickr Creative Commons Photo Credit: Trefoil knot intrication

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