Employee Engagement: Good Work and the Aggregate of Marginal Gains

Recently during a conversation with Anisa Cousin from Osney Media she referred to the aggregate of marginal gains.

Anisa got it from someone else at work who got it from British cycling as a performance key. The term instantly resonated with me with my focus on good work so I did what anyone would do in this situation, I “Googled” it. Here is what I found:

We’ve got this saying, performance by the aggregation of marginal gains.  It means taking the 1% from everything you do; finding a 1% margin for improvement in everything you do. That’s what we try to do from the mechanics upwards. ~ David Brailsford British Cycling Coach.

Aggregate of marginal gains is a clunky yet sticky statement for the Kaizen principle of small improvement. Being good does not mean not getting better it just means you don’t strive for great. You don’t have to dope to perform well, you just keep doing good work and see if you can add  1% more.

How are you aggregating your small, simple, strong, significant, and sustainable gains at work?

David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker 2

David Zinger is busy aggregating marginal gains to ensure employee engagement creates good sustainable work for the benefit of all. If you care or dare to work with small, simple, strong, significant, and sustainable actions to improve employee engagement or work engagement contact him today at: [email protected]

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