Employee Engagement Friday Factoid #8: Social Media Wasteland

Zinger Friday Factoid #8: Employee Social Media Wasteland?

Each social media user, according to learnstuff.com costs their company $4452.00 every year. (http://www.learnstuff.com/social-media-at-work/)


When it comes to social media in an organization it is good to have an open mind but not so open that your brains fall out. I like this factoid because it makes us think about the potential waste and drain to an organization because of employee involvement in social media. On the other hand social media can be a brilliant tool to enhance results, performance, interpersonal connection, and recognition. What do we need to do to ensure that social media is a contributor not a cost?

David Zinger is a global employee engagement expert who uses the Pyramid of Employee Engagement to help organizations and individuals achieve full engagement.

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