Employee Engagement: Energetic Strengths

Employee Engagement: Strong Energy

The pyramid of employee engagement offers a model of the 10 blocks of employee engagement. Here is a link to a 50 page booklet on the pyramid. There are 10 posts in this series. To learn more with a chance to be interactive on strengths and engagement plan to attend an educational workshop in London on the importance of strengths for employee engagement and a fusion of the pyramid of employee engagement with a strength-based approach to work.

Strong Energy for Engagement

The raw material of engagement is energy. Jane Dutton from the Positive Organizational Scholarship organization has demonstrated that the key to energize organizations is frequent high quality connections between people connected to the organization such as employees, suppliers, and customers. Three of my strengths, empathy, developing others, and leadership all contribute to engaging in these type of connections. My strengths draw me towards these relationships and in turn, these relationships enhance my overall energy for work.

To assess the energy you and others have for work, I encourage you to ask a great energy question posed by Donald Graves in the Energy to Teach: What gives you energy, what takes it away and what for you is a waste of time?

Remember to fuel energy as your renewable resource for engagement.

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Educational London Workshop on Strength Based Approaches to Leadership

Plan to attend the London UK Strength and Engagement Workshop Wednesday November 28 from 13:00 to 18:00.  I invite you to attend an afternoon workshop sponsored by Strengths Partnership on The Leaders Role in Optimising Strengths and Engagement to Achieve Innovation and Excellence. I will be presenting/facilitating on the Pyramid of Employee Engagement and Michael Farry, HR Director for PhotoBox, will also be presenting on how to build a culture of positive leadership, collaboration and innovation through a systematic, practical and integrated change and development programme.

For a modest fee of £75 plus VAT, you will receive:

  •  Entrance to the conference and networking over drinks after the event
  •  An opportunity to take the Strengthscope360™ profiler and receive feedback
  •  A free leadership book entitled “Stretch – Leading Beyond Boundaries”
  •  Delegate pack containing proven and practical tools to help optimise workforce strengths and engagement at the individual, team and organisational levels
  •  An invitation to join the Strengths HR Forum (over 1,300 members) and the Employee Engagement Network (over 5,000 members)

To register click here.

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David Zinger is an employee engagement expert. He will be in the UK in late November to support the Go Live event for the UK Employee Engagement Task Force and to co-lead an afternoon on the fusion of employee engagement and strengths for innovation and excellence.

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