Employee Engagement: Do You Vow to Your Work?

Work Vows: From Employee Engagement to Work-Marriage

3 Marriages. I am listening to David Whyte’s The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship. I read the book when it first came out yet I find going through a work a few times always brings out new thoughts and perspectives. It is also wonderful to hear David Whyte give voice to his words.

Vow backwards. Here is a short bit that stood out to me about happiness and work:

Happiness in the second marriage of work, like happiness in the first marriage with a person, is possible only thorough seeing it in a greater context than surviving the everyday. We must have a relationship with our work that is larger than any individual job description we are given. A real work like a real person, grows and changes and surprises us, asking us constantly for recommitment. In work we have often made secret vows; sometimes we do not know what those vows are until we look back with some perspective on the actual nature of the work we have accomplished.

4 Questions. Here are the questions to ponder to rekindle your employee engagement wisdom:

  1. Do you see work in the greater context than surviving?
  2. Is your work larger than your job description?
  3. How has your work surprised you?
  4. What was your secret vow to work?

David Zinger sees a greater perspective in engagement than simply employee engagement.  He is working to enrich work and our multiple and full connection to work. David is surprised to see that he has worked his career backwards and he vows to see employee engagement end not by fading away as a fad of the early 2010′s but by being integrated and subsumed into the very nature of how we work.



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