Employee Engagement: Carry the Olympic Torch

Susan with Olympic Flame

Today my wife, Susan,  was up at  5 a.m. in Northwestern Ontario to carry the Olympic Torch for 300 meters through Keewatin Ontario.

She ran Canada’s Olympic Torch relay in the dark at 7:26 a.m. with the temperature at -25 Celsius.

It was fabulous to see not only how engaged Susan was with this big day but how engaged everyone was who was involved in organizing and conducting this event.

Work is obviously more than a 1 day event but I believe there are lessons here for employee engagement.

I plan to think this through over the next few days but wonder before I do if you have any thoughts about lessons or parallels from this type of experience to our everyday work.

It was inspirational just to be with here and see the celebration.

Even with such frigid temperatures it was not cold…it was cool!

Thanks to RBC and the Canadian Olympic Committee for making this possible. You have engaged a lot of Canadian in the Olympics.

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