Employee Engagement and Whuffie

Can you fuse employee engagement and Whuffie?

Here is the Wikipedia explantion of Whuffie:

Whuffie is the ephemeral, reputation-based currency of Cory Doctorow’s science fiction novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. This book describes a post-scarcity economy: All the necessities (and most of the luxuries) of life are free for the taking. A person’s current Whuffie is instantly viewable to anyone, as everybody has a brain-implant giving them an interface with the Net. The term has since seen some adoption as a synonym for social capital, including its use in the title of the Tara Hunt book The Whuffie Factor.

Tara Hunt, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,  has created an informative  slide presentation for a 3-hour Whuffie Workshop she gave to Best Buy. Here is an image of one of the key slides.


View the entire 114 slides below and determine the role of employee engagement in creating good Whuffie.

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