Employee Engagement and Selfish Surveys: Open the Data!

Are you open?

Open your data. Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the Internet and very enthusiastic about open data. He made a plea on TED one year ago for open data and returned this year to show the results in just one year of making data more open.

Employee Engagement Data. It seems to me we are not very open about our data in employee engagement. Consulting companies often own the data for the companies they provide surveys for. Raw data is hard to come by. Employees sometimes never even see the results, let alone the data. It often seems to take forever for survey results to be communicated.

Data fear and improvement required. It seems to me that we fear being open about our data and sharing our data with the very people who create it. We can do better – we must do better – if we have an authentic desire to have our data move from a hoarded collection to a vehicle of authentic engagement.

3 Questions. Before you view the video ask yourself:

  • Are we making our engagement data open?
  • Are results shared with employees and the wider community?
  • If we are not making data open, what is holding us back?

View the video and begin to see the changes and benefits that occur from open data:

Now, open your data.


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