Employee Engagement = 7 Ways to Help Employees Grow

Are you setting the stage to encourage employee growth?

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”  ~ Robert Frost

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Employee Engagement and Growth

I was looking at my Norfolk Island Pine reaching out with new spring growth. It made me think of employees in organizations. Are we setting the stage for their growth and development. Career growth and development is often considered one of the key enablers or drivers of employee engagement. It seems my Norfolk Island Pine just wants to grow and it performs this so naturally with just a little bit of care from me.

Perhaps employee growth is a natural state of affairs.  If this is indeed the case, and I believe it is, are we offering the right care for this growth? Here are a few questions to see if you are setting the stage for employee engagement and growth:

  1. Do employees know I care for them and what they are trying to achieve at work?
  2. Am I offering employees new challenges and opportunities for learning?
  3. Am I equipping employees with new skills and abilities to meet their work challenges?
  4. Do I give employees a high level of both trust and autonomy to do their work?
  5. Do I nourish employees with frequent conversations about their work?
  6. Do I fully recognize employees for progress and growth?
  7. Do I help employees guard against setbacks?

What others things do you need to do to foster high levels of employee engagement and growth? Get growing today.

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert committed to employee growth and development.

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