Employee Engagement: 3 Lessons from Newfoundland Icebergs

Encountering and engaging with icebergs

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Newfoundland Iceberg

I came to Newfoundland to do a session on employee engagement for Memorial University. My wife and I decided to stay for 20 days travelling around the province. This province is a Canadian gem.

It is iceberg season and I have enjoyed driving along the coast and spotting them and especially enjoyed taking a boat out and circling a large one south of St John’s. I find it very ironic after a very long Canadian winter that I would be drawn in by these frozen white magnificent structures slowly floating along the coast. I know I am not alone in the fascination and it has been intriguing to watch so many Newfoundland men pull up in their pick up trucks with a Tim Horton’s coffee and binoculars to stare out at these  white monoliths. Their size and stillness are so captivating. Even as I write this post in Fogo I can’t help but look up every 2 minutes to visually connect with two icebergs directly in front of me.

Iceberg watching has made me realize that often in work and engagement we don’t take enough time to just stop and watch and we fail to realize how much is below the surface.

Three lessons I will leave with from the icebergs around Newfoundland are to:

  1. find more stillness in movement
  2. simply stop and look and keep an open fascination with what is right in front of me
  3. keep acknowledging how much is below the surface of whatever or whoever we encounter

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert from Manitoba to who feel in love with the province of Newfoundland.


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