Employee Engagement: 15 Advantages of Working From Home

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David Zinger, founder and host of the 3000 member Employee Engagement Network,  has worked from his home for over 30 years. David recently completed his first book, ZENGAGE: How to Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work. David believes working from home is a strong pathway to robust work/life balance and a great contributor to engaged well-being.

15 Benefits of Working From Home:

  1. There is no commute so the journey from home to office is under 20 seconds.
  2. My 3 children benefit from the ability to have frequent interaction with me and they get to see what there father does and of course I get to see what they are doing too.
  3. I don’t spend any time wandering the halls and engaging in endless cubicle conversations.
  4. I feel trusted by employers or clients when I work at home and work harder to honor their trust in me.
  5. I can give the neighbourhood black lab a dog biscuit at 10 a.m. when she strolls by my door and I spend a lot less time talking to her than I would gossiping in the office.
  6. I can be the neighbourhood watch and keep an eye on my neighbours’ homes and children.
  7. I can work around medical appointments very easily by starting earlier or ending earlier.
  8. Yes, I can put a load of laundry in while I am working and I can think about creative solutions to problems I am working on while I am folding the towels.
  9. I literally feel at home while I am at work and I can set up my workspace in the most effective and efficient manner for productivity.
  10. I can start 10 minutes earlier as I do love a 10 minute power nap around 1:30, and I am refreshed and back to work…napping at work just does not seem acceptable yet the 10 minute power nap really does rejuvenate me and foster better work in the late afternoon.
  11. I can put the roast turkey in the oven at 11:00 a.m. and we can have a nice hot meal when everyone else gets home.
  12. With all the social media tools, web conferencing, twitter, social networks, I can still be very connected to everyone else I work with.
  13. With an urgent work matter, during non office hours, I can zip into work faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100 meters.
  14. Home is generally quieter than the office and I find I can concentrate and focus in a much more powerful way working at home.
  15. And of course you know, there is no place like home.

An early version of this post  appeared on Workopolis: 15 Benefits of working from home.

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David Zinger, M.Ed., works with organizations and individuals to foster engagement.  He is a writer, educator, speaker, and consultant who founded the 3100 member Employee Engagement Network. David wrote, Zengage: How to Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work.  David’s website offers 1100 free posts/articles on the engagement. David is committed to fostering a movement to increase employee engagement 20% by 2020.

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