Embrace 5 New Training Trends in 2014, Use a Social LMS

Training Trends 2014 Social LMSInnovative companies attract employees with bright minds and brilliant ideas. But acquiring this type of talent takes more than new and exciting product lines. Keeping up with cutting edge training trends is just as important.

Many companies are developing knowledge sharing training cultures. Rather than exclusively learning from standard curriculum, companies are urging employees to learn from one another.

In a recent article for HR.BLR.com, regional sales directors for Nobscot Corporation, Laura DiFlorio and Kerrie Main discuss five popular training trends for 2014. They claim group activities, games, mentoring, and surveys will be some of the hottest training techniques that are both effective and inexpensive.

1. Hands-on training. Employees who personally engage with training through activities and role playing may accelerate the learning process. With hands-on training, these sessions are diverse, brief, and memorable.

2. Group learning. Working with others can “teach communication skills, encourage knowledge transfer, and build trust among co-workers,” says Main. When groups of workers come together, employees can learn from the insight and experiences of others.

3. Cost-effective training. New technologies are responsible for popularizing knowledge sharing training trends. Using a social Learning Management System (LMS) can equip any company with tools to extend these effective training procedures at costs much lower than traditional, in-person training methods.

4. Informative surveys. With online environments connecting new and veteran employees, companies also have options to request feedback through the form of surveys. DiFlorio and Main suggest extending “exit interviews, engagement surveys, and new hire surveys” so trainers can get more information about how to improve the onboarding process.

5. Long-term results. Good training lasts. Having a training culture encourages long-term results. This type of environment is able to connect employees, maintain storehouses of content, and allow for new hires to engage with mentors.

For centuries, humans have been teaching one another through social interaction. Why should it be any different now?

In the 21st century, technology is helping people share knowledge in new ways. Companies are turning to TOPYX, an award-winning social LMS, to bring workforces together for optimum training practices. Request a free demo of TOPYX® and explore the platform that 10 million users utilize to connect with fellow colleagues.

Embracing new training trends is an effective approach to bringing about long lasting business success. Apply this strategy to business in 2014 and don’t expect any less.

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Vice President, Business Development
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