Elevate the Workplace with a Social LMS

LMS Social MediaWhen social media first appeared on the scene, some thought it was just a fad. Now, a decade later, hype is still strong and growing fast. Even though businesses were not quick to jump on the social media bandwagon, many of these entities are currently seeking solutions that will incorporate social learning communities and online workspaces.

These businesses see social media as a way of providing creative, effective, and accessible workspaces for employees. Unfortunately, establishing this framework is not so simple; security is paramount to businesses that want to use social media for internal operations and daily communication. For this reason, software providers bridge the gap between business and social media with learning management systems (LMSs).

A social LMS creates collaborative learning environments by incorporating learning management profiles, mobile learning options, and other features found on social media channels in a secure, branded environment. Ultimately, the internal social aspects of a business LMS is no fad. It is, however, another step towards the technological future.

Learning Management Profiles

The first step of extending the workplace through a social LMS is having employees create learning management profiles. Social media uses profiles as a way for people to represent themselves online. This is the same for the workplace. When operations and communication are conducted in online settings, profiles become very important.

For this purpose, many businesses acquire a social LMS with easy-to-use tools that invite employees to set up learning management profiles. These tools allow employees to have high quality online representation so they can express creativity, showcase personal efforts, and confidently engage in productive conversations internally.

Mobile Learning

Since the advent of social media, technology has changed dramatically. Some people prefer smart phones and tablets over relying on computers all the time. This is why software providers see the importance of making customizable LMSs accessible through mobile learning options. Also, making content and tools available on any device that has internet access and a full web browse means the workspace is open all the time, to all employees.

Business LMS with Social Media Features

There is much more to social media than establishing learning management profiles and using mobile learning options. Sharing photos, realtime chat, mass distribution of information, and broadcasting articles (to name a few) are important components. No business LMS would be considered “social” without them.

TOPYX® is a social LMS that offers these features and more. As an award winning social learning management system, TOPYX is a popular business LMS because the software boasts a functional, intuitive design that employees are excited to use. Explore the learning management profiles, mobile learning options, and many other social media features that TOPYX offers. Click here to try a free demo.

When businesses seek to incorporate social media into the workplace, options can seem limited. Concerns about security weigh heavily on this decision which is why many businesses turn to social LMSs to establish effective online workspaces. When safety is guaranteed and employees like the tools, it is a sure sign that the business LMS is headed in the right direction.

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