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LMS for Organizational IntranetPeople have always looked to the internet as a place to host organization platforms. This desire led to the development of intranets.

It is easy to confuse the terms internet and intranet. But an intranet is made up of one organization’s networks. The internet, on the other hand, connects many organizations. They share some similarities too; both are evolving as technology advances.

Internal programs that exist online are easier to access and manage than ever before. This is because intranets are now being delivered and hosted remotely through learning management systems (LMS). The concept of the intranet remains unchanged but new software is making this system more effective.

What is an Intranet?

For years, intranets have been unifying workplaces, organizations, associations, and other entities. When many members are responsible for pursuing a single purpose, an operation platform is important. While a physical setting is useful, an internet space is indispensable.

Adding structure to the worldwide web, intranets bring a collection of useful work tools to one location. Ultimately, the goal is to establish effective communication, increase productivity, and provide a central database of information. This is a cost effective solution that fulfills the needs of an organization and its many members.

Hosted LMSs are the New Intranets

Today, LMSs are popular, inexpensive internal organization networks. Social LMSs combine cutting edge software and online communication trends to create online workspaces. Cloud-based technology, easy maintenance, and social media outlets put a new twist on the tradition intranet.

Advanced Cloud-Based Technology

An LMS that uses cloud-based technology makes it possible to host an intranet remotely. This means a person can access the LMS from any mobile device that has an internet browser.

SaaS Easy Maintenance

A SaaS (Software as a Service) LMS is maintained and updated by the software provider. No hardware is installed onsite and it is not necessary to have a full-time IT person on staff to manage the system.

Social Media

Utilizing social media capabilities is vital for any community setting. TOPYX® social LMS incorporates social media to promote information sharing, broadcasting, marketing, communication, and more.

TOPYX is an award winning social LMS. As organizations are approaching online social landscapes, they are choosing remotely hosted TOPYX as an alternative to traditional intranets. Request a free demo of TOPYX to find out why.

The effectiveness of traditional intranets is now available through cloud-based technology. Remain organized, connected, and up-to-date by incorporating a social, SaaS LMS.

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