eLearning Liberates the Global Workforce

eLearning Liberates the Global WorkforceIn societies throughout the world, high value is placed on sharing and spreading knowledge. Many cultures are proud to provide some sort of education for young students who grow up to join the global workforce and fuel their nations’ economies. From there, businesses continue to instill training and insight upon their workers.

This learning process is expedited because of the evolution of the Internet, making it cost effective and efficient to send and receive information. Even people in remote parts of the world are able to access learning channels, participate in training, develop skill and contribute to business.

By reviewing the cost, flexibility and remote nature of distance learning, it is easy to see how the global workforce is liberated by what has come to be known as eLearning.

Low Costs

Online learning costs less than traditional forms of education. For no extra money, eLearning systems often bridge access to virtually limitless resources. Having information at one’s finger tips increases his or her ability to join the work force. Those who live in remote areas or have physical barriers that restrict them from traveling are able to use eLearning to retrieve information that is pertinent to their industries.

Flexible Schedules

Working remotely offers leeway to those who cannot work traditional schedules. They can learn on their own time, complete assignments as they are able, and produce work by deadline but not necessarily between the hours of nine and five. With eLearning, new options are on the table for people who have responsibilities that have kept them from working lucrative jobs in the past.

Few Accessibility Barriers

Those with ongoing health issues, disabled individuals or people living in very remote areas reap substantial benefits from long distance education. For example, someone confined to a wheelchair living in a rural part of Arizona has just as much chance of attaining and thriving in a position as an able bodied person living in Phoenix.

Before the internet, education was unavailable to too many people. Now, there are more opportunities to participate in the workforce despite location and lifestyle demands. Companies throughout the world are investing in eLearning tools that allow them to hire and train the great minds that have been oppressed for too long.

Global enterprises rely on tools like TOPYX® learning management system to provide learning spaces and work centers that equip and elevate employees from all over the world. To learn more about how TOPYX® can help liberate a workforce through eLearning, get a free demo.

Regardless of where or how a person lives, with the Internet as his or her mobile office, the world becomes more accessible and earning a competitive income is an option.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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