Eight Years to Renegotiate Union Contracts? Or More Cronyism?

The unions cried foul, and the Caver-in-Chief caved in to his cronies once again.

Big Labor hated the Big Government plan to tax their "Cadillac" health care plans in the name of health care reform (which is just a health insurance mandate designed to bankrupt the system so a government takeover is the only option left on the table).

So what do the Obamacrats do? Simple, they exempt the unions from the tax on Cadillac plans until, gee, let's see what's reasonable…until 2018.

The unions argued that these rich health care plans were negotiated in lieu of wage increases and they need time to renegotiate the contracts to swap wages for Cadillacs.

I doubt any union on the face of Planet America has a contract that runs for the next eight years, so this is obviously just another example of political favoritism emanating from the stench in the White House.

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