Efficiently Controlling Termites

woodTermites are small insects that can infest any home. They can post health and structural hazards to the people living in a house. Thus, it is very essential that these insects are controlled and eradicated.

Most termites are actually attracted to wood. However, there are some kinds of termites that need soil in order to survive as well as other materials like plastic derived from plants. There are also species of termites that are attracted to water and dwell on moist wood structures.

Regular Inspection Must Be Performed

When aiming for effective St Charles termite control, regular inspection must be sought. Regular inspection can also help avoid any severe damages caused by termites. Inspections may be performed once a year in houses that are located in the cooler areas and twice every year in houses located in the warmer areas. It is also advisable to inspect during the period where termite activity peaks, which is during early spring season to late summer season.

Regular inspection must be initiated on the edges of the structure of a house. Keeping the edges of the house clear of clutter is also essential in controlling termites. Another important consideration to make would be to hire a professional St Charles termite control service provider to inspect the house for any termite activity.

Protect the House from Possible Termite Access

The very first step in protecting any house would be preventing these insects from gaining access. This can be achieved by simply placing a barrier around or perhaps under the house. Such barriers may be physical or perhaps chemical in nature. These barriers are formulated to deter termite access or perhaps bring their presence out.

Physical Termite Barriers

The physical barriers will involve relying on the resistance of housing materials for the purpose of resisting possible termite attack. Physical barriers are typically installed when constructing a new house and some barriers are actually retro fitted to some existing house structures. These barriers can be positioned under the concrete foundations, slabs as well as within the cavity walls. Physical barriers may be made from crushed rock, metal, or other materials, which termites are not able to chew. Installation of physical barriers requires the expertise of a professional service provider.

Chemical Termite Barriers

Chemical barriers, on the other hand, involve using a chemical solution to resist any termite attack. These chemicals are typically insecticides. These barriers may be placed under house slabs, foundations, and around the structure. These may be installed in new as well as existing houses. Installation of this barrier requires help from a professional pest controller.

Seeking Professional Help

Termite control requires the expertise of trained St Charles termite control service provider. Seeking professional help will ensure that the job is done correctly and there are no complications that can arise. Moreover, this will ensure that the house will be free from termites and the damages that these insects can cause.

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