Effective Outsourcing is Out-of-Sight, But Never Out-of-Mind

iStock 000019198550XSmallRecruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) continues to grow in prominence, as leaders across all industries seek to deliver better business results and position themselves to adapt to the always evolving landscape. In fact, a 2012 study conducted by Aberdeen Group indicates 53% of surveyed organizations are currently or planning to invest in outsourcing relationships over the next several months. An additional survey conducted by Aberdeen suggests that human resources outsourcing delivers more strategic support while simultaneously providing the tools necessary to enhance day-to-day talent management—burying the perception that outsourcing is simply a way reduce the tactical burden on the shoulders of HR.

Despite irrefutable benefits of an outsourced partnership, there are still holdouts who believe out-of-site translates to out-of-mind; these holdouts also believe out-of-site partnerships lead to a general lack of control and transparency when team members are not working at the same physical location. For organizations enjoying the competitive advantages of an outsourced relationship, this perspective feels as archaic as refusing to embrace technological advances like email. However, there are a number of legitimate concerns in forming a successful out-of-site partnership that must be addressed through proper management. Like all relationships, a successful business partnership must be built around accountability, transparency into expectations, mutual trust, and credibility.

Effective RPO solutions deliver out-of-sight outsourcing relationships by maintaining a customer-focused, personalized methodology. At Pinstripe, we do this by holding true to our WE BECOME YOU approach; we initiate relationship building by gaining insight into our clients’ objectives and style of work to ensure our teams deliver strategic consulting and recruiting services that are molded to fit perfectly within your organization. We become fully immersed in your culture and work seamlessly as members of your team to deliver the talent and analytics that will optimize your bottom line. Recognizing organizations’ desire for relationships built around accountability, we strive to be a highly renowned customer service organization—bringing the focus on innovation and industry evolution to the best practices from organizations like Zappos and Southwest Airlines.

In today’s environment, the perception that out-of-site translates to out-of-mind is obsolete. Organizations must embrace the inherent strategic advantage of focusing on what your organization does best and partner with experts to elevate non-core functions to their very best as well. Business leaders that believe they can’t benefit from, or are unable to adapt to, an outsourced relationship risk falling behind their competitors.

So, the question you should be asking yourself is—Will your HR department sit on the sidelines while competitors recruit, hire and retain top talent, or will they move quickly enough to embrace the advantages and make an efficient out-of-sight relationship their very own.

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