E+E = EE!

Enablement + Engagement = Exceptional Experiences!

In addition to being engaged and enabled, employees need to work in an environment where they can create positive experiences and have an impact in the service experience improvement process.

Employees who are not just engaged but are also energized and enabled produce far greater financial benefits than employees who are simply engaged.

A caution to both managers, training and organizational development professionals;

Too often employee engagement is treated as a “one size fits all” or as a “program.”

It is vitally important that training and development professionals spend 10 times the amount of time, energy and resources following up and reinforcing learning and engagement principles as they do designing and delivering them.

Employee engagement is about sustaining and enhancing the organizational culture. I think it is important to remember that your culture is nothing more than the cumulative effect of stories being shared internally by your employees.

If you want to change your culture, you have to change your stories.

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