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I will be traveling to Australia for the first time in April and I leave in just two and a half weeks. I’m speaking at the AITD conference in Sydney. Totally awesome. Freaking. AWESOME.

I did the Visa thing last month but, true to form, when it comes to traveling, I’m just getting around to asking myself smaller questions about currency, electrical adapters, cell phones, what the heck to wear based on seasonal temperatures, and what to see when I’m in  tourist mode. I’m an organized procrastinator – which means I’m terrific at organizing for tomorrow – so I have a comprehensive list of stuff with checks and question marks next to each thing listed. (Sidebar… as I’m writing this I see I’ve got a beautiful, helpful email from Cathy Moore in response to a Tweet for tips along with several responses there from recent travelers and residents of Sydney. Another use for Twitter.)

OK, so more important than the travel details is the talk. I titled it “E-Learning 2010: Innovation and Implementation.” I’m also doing a social media pre-conference workshop. (It’s a ‘laptop optional’ session so requires some planning for those who do and those who do not have their laptop. Been there done that, check.)

So the workshop is good to go and the ‘2010′ presentation is primarily done. I’m at that point of tweaking, timing, and making the presentation run smoothly, when all conditions are ideal, while also having a plan-b. I’m using a lot of actual examples of courses so need offline versions of courses to run that are short enough – but understandable – while trying to get the clearest view on a screen and, of course, adequate audio.

My small dilemma is where rapid e-learning fits (rapid used here = rapid development using simple authoring tools). (Rapid, of course, can also mean rapid deployment or rapid consumption. In my experience though it usually is about development using the type of authoring tools non-programmers can use.)

See,the presentation is not about what will be…it’s about what is happening in 2010 and how people are doing it. What’s innovative and implemented today. None of us will deny that rapid e-learning is today. I think it’s a safe bet to say it dominates the e-learning market alongside PowerPoint.

So that’s where I am. I do have rainbows and unicorns to show and talk about – what I see around the corner or being implemented by a few early adopters – but where does rapid e-learning fit in? Somebody help me out and point me to innovative uses of those tools they’ve seen. Because I’ve only got 2 1/2 weeks!

Oh, and last thing…what souvenirs to bring back for the kids? Coins are a hit for the youngest along with anything relating to the platypus because he just did a report on that. Teens? Perhaps the greatest gift is me staying there ; )

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