DWI Charges: Do I Need a Lawyer?

If this is your first DWI charge, you may simply want to plead guilty without benefit of a lawyer. This is especially true if there is evidence that you probably will be convicted; such as an officer testifying to erratic driving or a blood-alcohol level (BAC) over .12.

Even so, before you plead guilty to the charge you need to make an informed decision.  DWI lawyers in Morgantown, VW would advise that you learn the DWI penalties and fines in your state before proceeding.
A factor to keep in mind is that if your DWI is a first offense with no injuries, judges tend to hand down routine sentences that are much the same for all cases. The expense of a lawyer probably will not alter the outcome by much.

If this is not your first DWI, you need the assistance of a lawyer. Complications that certainly imply the need for legal assistance are: reckless driving or driving with a minor in the car.
Extremely high blood alcohol levels show necessity to hire a lawyer, and certainly when death or bodily injury has occurred.

Attempt to hire only an experienced DWI lawyer. This is a lawyer whose specialty covers the DWI laws in the state where you reside. This professional will know how to best represent your individual case in a court of law. A DWI lawyer represents many DWI cases per year.

Sentence bargaining is offered in most states. This is a very useful bargaining tool if the kind of DWI you are charged with could result in a lengthy incarceration. For instance, you would be advised to plead guilty to the charges only if you are informed of what your sentence will be.
Plea bargaining is also useful. It would be an attempt to reduce the DWI charge to a lesser one, like reckless driving.

If this is a first offense with no aggravating circumstances, the judge is likely to hand down a routine type of sentence. This will possibly mean attendance at DWI school and a driver’s license suspension. A lawyer’s fee will only be an added expense. If a lawyer could get a sentence reduction eliminating both these scenarios because of extenuating circumstances, it would be well worth the legal expenses. However, no lawyer will ever guarantee that.

If you have prior DWI charges or aggravated circumstances, the need for a lawyer is almost guaranteed. Choose an experienced DWI lawyer, and avail yourself of the plea bargaining and sentence bargaining your state may offer.

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