Dweck’s Mindset: Five Reasons Why Living in the Growth Mindset Is So Difficult

Although conventional wisdom still maintains that a person’s intelligence and abilities are a fixed quantity, Carol Dweck and Anders Ericsson have put the lie to that conceit.  But once you understand the new mindset and set yourself to growing and staying in that growth mindset, it’s still difficult.  Why is it so easy to fall back into old thinking and old habits outside the new growth model?  Here are five reasons:For more than 100 years society has said that success is about being more gifted than others.  It’s emphasized the notion that failure measures you.  Effort, we’ve heard is for those who can’t make it on pure talent.We don’t talk about or emphasize either vulnerability or struggle as good things.  Ridiculous as it is, we believe in instant success without struggle, and that showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness rather than strength.  In fact, feeling vulnerable is merely a sign that we’ve identified something else to learn.  We have told the younger generation that they could be anything they want to be and it isn’t always true.  We tend to ignore the high requirements of struggle and effort necessary for great achievement.  Insta-achievement won’t square with reality.  It’s difficult to sit with someone who is struggling or trying to cope.  The pattern of long-term support of the younger generation is not admitted to nor ingrained into our society.We don’t applaud risk-taking.  What risk-takers risk is failure, and failure is something we’re trained to avoid.  I’d summarize the growth mindset this way:  Living on the learning edge is the smart thing to do.
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