Dumb Mistakes We Make as Youth

There is an old adage that states, “Youth is wasted on the young.” There isn’t an adult alive that doesn’t agree with that saying, at least to some degree. The fact is that when we are young we feel invincible, as if there is nothing that could ever keep us from living the life we just know we are entitled to. It is that sense of entitlement that leads to radical actions such as piercings or tattoos. In our youth we are burdened with a overconfidence, an arrogance, that we come to remember with annoyance and chagrin later on in life.

Luckily, there are ways to rectify the mistakes we make. Laser tattoo removal is now an option that allows us to literally erase what was once a permanent indicator of our youthful indiscretions. Laser tattoo removal can take time, depending on the tattoo’s size and coloring, but you can eventually say good-bye to that mark you gave yourself when you didn’t know any better. You will more than likely need to attend multiple sessions for the laser treatments and they are typically spaced at four to six weeks apart in order to give the skin time to heal as the laser is literally burning away the upper levels of epidermis. The tattoo does not vanish all at once. Instead it is lightened over time. The truth is that each tattoo is different, as is each person’s skin, and therefore healing rates can vary from patient to patient.

The healing and removal of piercings is a bit easier but depending on the severity of the body jewelry can require surgical measures. Most piercings can simply be removed and the body will natural heal the hole left behind in a matter of weeks. However, certain types of body jewelry can leave behind larger issues than a small hole. Most notably is the trend toward the gauging of the ears. A gauge is an earring that is used to stretch the ear piercing so that the hole becomes larger and larger. Some people stop at a smaller sized gauge while others graduate to quarter-sized gauges or larger. Sometimes the gauges can even end up ripping the earlobe. For those looking to correct the appearance of a gauged earlobe or a ripped earlobe consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will be required. There are procedures available that can give relief to those looking to fix the issues they gave themselves in their youth.

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