Ducks in a Row: Train or Teach?

Ducks in a Row: Train or Teach?

Post from: MAPpingCompanySuccess article talking about better ways to train employees made me chuckle; not because the ideas were bad, but because it focused on the idea that adults are trainable.

They aren’t.

Decades ago I read an article about training by a respected expert. His (her?) name is long gone from my memory, but not the core thought, which was that training ended with the toilet and from that point on humans learned.

Of course, that meant they had to be taught.

And while you might think it’s the so-called trainee’s responsibility to learn, whether the material is interesting, boring or non-existent, that expectation is likely to cost you raises, bonuses and promotions.

The bottom line is that along with all your other bossly functions you must also be a teacher; not just a teacher but a great teacher, because the kind of teacher you are is an absolute reflection of the kind of boss you are.

  • Interesting: presented in a way to stimulate curiosity and create a desire to master it = committed, motivated, builder of teams and grower of people.
  • Boring: dull, no-energy presentation that acts more like a soporific or worse an insult to intelligence = uncaring, passive, uninterested.
  • Non-existent: the sink or swim approach = lazy and arrogant.

As always, it’s your choice.

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