Ducks in a Row: the Source and Spread of Culture

Ducks in a Row: the Source and Spread of Culture

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Where does culture originate? How does it spread?

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked these questions or read an article about them I could retire on a private island. Seriously.

Because I’m still being asked I thought I would offer a KISS (keep it simple, stupid) style answer, one that is easy to understand, easy to remember and (relatively) easy to influence.

  • Culture originates with the boss and affects everyone below that level.
    It’s your MAP (mindset, attitude, philosophy™), i.e., what’s in your head, your values, beliefs and how you implement them, that defines the culture of your organization, whether an entire company or a small team.
  • Culture spreads through communication.
    Another MAP function; the way you communicate is a mindset, grounded in your attitude towards others, which, in turn, is based on your personal philosophy.

Make no mistake, culture always flows down—even when radical ideas take root that rise up from the workers.

Call it a “percolation culture” and it only happens when the culture already in place enables ideas to rise and doesn’t kill the messenger if they don’t fly.

In short, if you want to know your culture look deeply into a mirror and listen to all your communications, whether word or action.

And if you feel the need to change your culture use RampUp’s tagline as your mantra: to change what they do change how you think.

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