Ducks in a Row: the Fallout of Family-style Culture

Ducks in a Row: the Fallout of Family-style Culture

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A recent study found that Millennials want their bosses to act more like a parent and a whopping 71 percent want co-workers to be a second family.

And companies are rushing to provide the desired environment.

…training its managers to respond and give more guidance, like a parent would, and show young workers a path to upward mobility. (…) “We are a social-networking generation, which is why communication is so important to us,” said Jeremy Condomina, a 27-year-old business analyst and computer-system trainer with Dade Paper in Miami. “Whether or not we hang out outside of work, we want to know that we have a work family and even if we step on toes, it’s going to be OK.”

But what happens when

  • A ‘sibling’ is terminated?
  • The economy falters/crashes and half the ‘family’ is laid off?
  • The much loved parent-boss abandons her family for another?

These events cause trauma in battle/life-hardened Boomers.

How they will affect a cossetted generation in which everyone received an award no matter what.

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