Ducks in a Row: Great Culture

Ducks in a Row: Great Culture

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Did you ever think that having excellent strategic vision, confidence and communication skills can hurt your ability to create an inclusive culture, instead of guaranteeing it?

Great cultures require a high level of trust between employees and management. People who are highly competent and confident of their direction and actions can come over as arrogant and insensitive—not traits that encourage trust.

You don’t have to hide your vision, confidence and communication skills to alter negative perceptions; you just need to add some additional ones.

Here are three MAP (mindset, attitude, philosophy™) actions that go a long way to making that great culture you want a reality.

  • Good culture is engaging; accomplish this by involving all your people at all levels—the more involvement the better.
  • Good culture is about listening—not talking.
  • Good culture is about hearing—and being willing to change when appropriate.

Involve, listen, hear; do them now; do them constantly and watch your culture bloom.

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