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Ducks in a Row: Do You put the Cart Before the Horse?

Ducks in a Row: Do You put the Cart Before the Horse?

Post from: MAPpingCompanySuccess

Surprise Industries is founded on an interesting mission.

The idea is to help these companies create silly and weird, but professional cultures where people aren’t afraid to make mistakes, Luna says.

Their focus is tech firms, such as Google, Etsy, and, where most of the management already understands that mistakes are a sign of success, not failure—i.e., nothing ventured nothing gained.

Managers at any level can add elements of surprise to their microculture to draw people out of their comfort zone and open them to more creativity.

But first you need to evaluate your current culture (and yourself) knowing that surprises won’t work under any manager (you) where failure hurts advancement opportunity or the messenger is killed.
Flickr image credit: Simon Cocks

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