Drunk at Job Interview?


In morning carpool the other day, I put on the  Hot 99.5 radio show for the benefit of the teenagers. Morning show host Kane reported on hiring a recent intern (and he said her name, but I forgot it). Anyway, the story was that later, after she was hired,  she mentioned that during her original Skype interview, she was trashed. Nervous, she’d consumed a large quantity of  Caribbean rum before her 10:30 a.m. interview.

Kane was [or pretended to be?] really offended by this, and told her he wouldn’t have hired her if he’d known. The other morning show personalities basically told him to lighten up, we want our interns to be edgy, kind of out there, we want them to distinguish themselves with their shenanigans. Kane said being drunk at your interview is taking it a little far and asked her if she needed to drink everyday before work so that she could be the same crazy, fun persona from the interview.

I’ve never had someone show up drunk to an interview, though a  few people sure seemed to be tripping on something. And one guy did joke that he’d just had a sixpack–or I think he was joking. Maybe not, after this story.

Have you experienced a candidate arriving intoxicated? Do you think many candidates have a pre-interview cocktail to calm their nerves?

And job seekers, if you’re so brave, chime in and tell me if you’ve imbibed before an interview, and if so, how did it go?

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